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Creating glass and metal artwork to enhance homes and businesses for more than twenty-five years, Chuck St. John of Nimbus Glass Studio combines traditional craftsmanship and innovative ideas in etched, stained and kiln-fired glass.

Nimbus Glass Studio is located at Lee Creek on the north side of Shuswap Lake in south central British Columbia, Canada.


Studio visits or consultation can be arranged by contacting Chuck by phone or email (see contact page).

I finally etched the bathroom doors at our home. Fortunately, my wife tolerated having clear glass in the bathroom doors the last few years!

    To allow as much light as possible (other than being completely clear) I lightly frosted the main part of the glass, leaving a grid of clear lines (which echo the floor tile grout lines). The kiln-fired stained glass transmits a lot of light as well, while the wavy texture of the of the colours distorts the view to provide an acceptable degree of privacy.

    Made with tempered safety glass panels, these doors are as durable as they are beautiful. While my wife is happy to have more privacy, she really likes the over-all effect of the brightly coloured glasses (we call it her 'inner four-year-old').   

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