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Created over the last twenty five years, these architectural glass panels, stair railings, doors and windows have been the mainstay of Nimbus Glass Studio.


The wide variety of settings and styles of buildings over those years have allowed for a range of techniques and designs to be created. Beginning with traditional stained glass methods, sandblast etching and carving as well as kiln-fired glass skills have been developed, to offer a wide range of design possibilities.


The design and creation of unique pieces suited to the client and the architecture is the goal of Nimbus Glass.

Etched Bathroom Doors


Agate Tree



Kokopelli Railing



In An English Country Garden



Glass 'Ice' Table



Glass 'Ice' Computer Table







Phoenix and Fir Door



Frosted Pine Door



Frosted Pine Transom Window



Copper Reeds and Glass Entry



Geometry of Light



Crane and Tree Mirror



Underwater reeds



Deer and Coyote Shower



Night Owl




Privacy Deck Panel




French Doors



Fused Nouveau



Art Deco Entry



Heron Door






Southwest Sidelight




Arts and Crafts Zinc Door




Pine Needle Stair Railing



Plainsman wall Entry



Royal Inland Hospital Wall



Roses Carved Mirror



Northern Lights Entry



Tree and Waves Wall




Traditional Scallop Shell




Carved Bamboo Room Divider



Wave Wall



William's Transom






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