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Chuck St. John - Glass Artisan 

Chuck has been living and working with glass in British Columbia,  Canada for more than twenty-five years. He has developed a variety of  techniques for fabricating artwork in glass and metals that reflect  his own style and sensibility. Using traditional methods of leaded  stained glass as well as contemporary kiln-fired glass and tempered  safety glass, he is able to achieve a variety of effects and produce  work that suits the particular location, style and budget of his  clients. 

With designs ranging from representational wildlife of the rugged  B.C. Interior to the abstract and kinetic light effects of beveled  glass and kiln-fired stained glass in his non-representational work,  Chuck explores the potential of light and glass to effect the mental  and physical environment. 

Having taken workshops at the Pilchuk Glass School in Washington  State, and numerous other venues, Chuck has familiarized himself with  the wide range of possibilities that glass can be used and is  continually expanding his knowledge in the arts. 





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