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Chalice of Self-Observation

The 'Chalice of Self-Observation' : A sculpture as a reminder to 'pay attention!' and 'self-observe' one's thoughts, actions and intentions. The base is surrounded by the detritus of 'lost focus' as an additional reminder. The 'chalice' lip is surrounded by barbed wire to suggest that this process can be painful and may leave scars, as many growth experiences leave their mark. Inside the 'chalice' is a mirror, to reflect intentions back to the observer.

Cast stone, brass, aluminum, mirror and barbed wire. 104cm X 61cm X 50cm (41" X 24" X 20").












View of the interior of the 'Chalice of Self- Observation' with the mirror reflecting sky and trees, surrounded by the barbed wire lip of the chalice. Red LED lights added for night accent.
















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