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'Solaris' marks the metaphysical point where solar and pole star positions intersect and where the viewer can track celestial (apparent) movement from an apparently fixed point (where the viewer is). The constellations Ursa Major and Cassiopeia (constructed in blue and clear glass orbs) align the 'tracking device' (blue glass ring and vertical glass lens), between which sits a copper disk of arcs, glyphs and a 'graduated' ring of cast blue glass. As these two constellations point to Polaris, the pole star, and the solar illumination of the 'graduated' lens and copper plates shines light onto the inscribed arcs, this piece blends the solar/polar ideas of light and navigation.

Cast stone, steel, cast and sandblast carved glass, lens, copper. Internal electric lighting. Approx. 5 feet (1.5 metres).












Detail 1

View of the 'tracking device' (solar lens, constellations, copper disk, glass ring).




















Detail 2

Detail view of the inscribed copper disk and cast blue glass ring.






































Night View

Night view showing the internal electric light focused through the 'tracking device' and split by the facets of the glass.








Solaris iced

Hoar frost and a background of snow highlight the 'lens-eye' view of a toppled landscape.






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